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The Lifesavers Foundation wants to look out for those who look out for all of us at our beaches.

Our role is to ensure that surf life saving clubs across New Zealand – from North Cape to Bluff - have the financial resources, business backing and public support they need to save lives, every day.

We want to inspire and engage New Zealanders so they better understand that Surf Life Saving isn’t just a popular water sport…

It’s an essential emergency service we rely on and a life-saving charitable organisation that needs your help. The Lifesavers Foundation is leading this change in understanding, and community support.


New Zealanders love the water!

Generous donations, community fundraising, business partnerships, corporate sponsorships and philanthropic grants allow us to support the clubs and volunteers on the beaches by:

  • maintaining and replacing lifesaving rescue gear and equipment;
  • enhancing volunteers’ training and development programs;
  • expanding community awareness;
  • and funding valuable water safety research and development.

About us

Thanks to partners like Toyota Financial Services, Grassroots Trust, Lions Clubs, the Beach Guardians community and kind public support, we can help to save lives and continue to make our beaches a place to enjoy.


You can help us save lives

The Lifesavers Foundation is committed to raising funds for this essential community-based beach safety and rescue service.


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By supporting the Foundation, will enable us to provide vital funding for Surf Life Saving organisations to ensure the safety of beach goers around the country.

We can’t do this without your support and our partnerships. It’s the partner funding, sponsorship and generous giving by NZ’ers which saves lives and prevent tragedies

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