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Saving lives is more than just getting wet

The Reason

Most Kiwis live within driving distance of the coast.

So it’s no wonder that going to the beach is one of our favourite things to do.

For visitors to New Zealand, the beach is a pretty popular tourist destination too. Many people who visit Aotearoa don’t have the same access to the beach as we do. Some of these people have never been swimming in the ocean before; some have never even seen the ocean before.

All of these beach-goers are everyday people: people with families, jobs, plans and futures. But too many locals and tourists alike lose their lives to the waves every year. And many of these deaths could have been prevented.

Our Volunteers

Thankfully our beaches are also home to volunteer lifeguards

… Who save hundreds of lives every year. But while these people are heroes, they’re everyday people just like us too. They live on our streets and farms, they have families of their own, they hold down regular jobs (they might even work with us), and they donate a huge amount of their time and own money to keep New Zealand’s beaches – to keep us – safe.

Donate Now

Without a serious amount of funding, though, our beaches wouldn’t be the fun or safe places we take for granted now. While most lifeguards volunteer their time, things like rescue equipment, training and development, surf club upgrades, and research and development don’t come for free. In fact, every year it costs more than $20 million to make sure all volunteer lifeguards have all the gear, buildings, and experience they need to keep our beaches safe – and 80% of this needs to be fundraised.

The problem is that lifeguards don’t have enough time to fundraise because they’re so busy providing beach patrols, responding to call-outs, maintaining equipment, training themselves and new lifeguards, talking to school groups, and doing many other operational activities. This is where the Lifesavers Foundation steps in. We work at every level in every community right across New Zealand to generate the donations and grants that surf life saving clubs depend on for their survival.

The Opportunity

We look out for those who look out for the rest of us

Put simply, the Lifesavers Foundation looks out for those who look out for the rest of us. Thanks to generous donations, community fundraising, business partnerships, corporate sponsorships and philanthropic grants from individuals and organisations, we’re able to help give local surf lifesaving clubs at the ‘beach roots’ level the funding they need to continue saving lives every day. Our funding efforts will go towards everything from maintaining and replacing rescue gear and ensuring every volunteer remains fully trained, to increasing community awareness and funding important water safety research.

New Zealand’s surf lifesaving could always do with more financial support. If you’re in a position to contribute financially to the ongoing safety of our beaches, please donate today – you’ll literally save a life.


Make A Contribution Today

Surf life saving is regarded as New Zealand’s fourth emergency service – yet it doesn’t receive any funding from the Government. For surf lifeguards to continue saving lives, they need your help. Please make a contribution through a donation today.

Donate Now


Become A Beach Guardian

To recognise and reward our most generous and regular donors, we’re proud to introduce a new program called Beach Guardians.

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Let the numbers do the talking

Surf life saving is regarded as New Zealand’s fourth emergency service – yet it doesn’t receive any funding from the Government. For surf lifeguards to continue saving lives, they need your help.


Lives Saved Each Year


Volunteer Hours Worked Every Year


Million Needed Annually


Of Costs Need Fundraising


Members Are Female


Days A Year Responding to incidents at selected NZ Beaches

What can my donation provide

$115 One TIme

purchases a rescue tube, the lifeguard’s main tool on patrol

$250 One TIme

funds a pair of marine-grade binoculars

$300 One TIme

funds the cost of training a lifeguard over 2 days in advanced first aid

$350 One TIme

equips a lifeguard with PPE (personal protective equipment)

$500 One TIme

funds the daily operating cost of providing a fully equipped beach patrol

Where does my money go?

Your donation goes towards things like everyday operating expenses, rescue equipment maintenance and upgrades, volunteer training, club room upgrades … basically anything lifesaving-related that needs money, your donation helps to fund.

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