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We can all be supporters of life savers

In the heat of summer, tens of thousands flock to New Zealand’s beaches. Every year, hundreds will find themselves in trouble, and on average 20 people will tragically drown at beaches The good news is that thousands more are rescued and kept from trouble by the selfless volunteer lifeguards who patrol our beaches.

Surf lifesavers are the ones on the front line. They are the ones reaching over the side of the rescue boat to pull a struggling swimmer to safety. Resuscitating an unconscious drowning victim. Giving up their time and energy to keep us safe.

We can’t do what they do, but we can give our support.

It costs more than $20 million to make sure New Zealand’s volunteer lifeguards have the gear, buildings and experience they need to keep our beaches safe – and most of this needs to be fundraised. The Lifesavers Foundation partners with New Zealanders, local businesses and other community-oriented organisations to financially support surf clubs and lifeguards who generously donate their time and money to keep our beaches – and our people – safe.

Thanks to organisations and individuals like you, we can provide surf lifesaving clubs from the top of the North to the tip of the South with the financial resources, business backing and public support they need to save lives, every day.

Fundraising is more than just money

$650 for a lifeguard’s uniform, wetsuit, fins and personal protective equipment
$21,000 for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
$23,000 for an inflatable rescue boat (IRB)
$26,000 for a jet ski
$300 for advanced first aid training
$6,000 for a defibrillator and resuscitation pack
$1,100 for a hand-held radio
$125 for a rescue tube
$250 for a pair of binoculars

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Every year it costs more than $20 million to make sure New Zealand’s volunteer lifeguards have the gear, buildings and experience they need to keep our beaches safe


Without your help, they can’t help us

Surf lifesaving isn’t just about saving people from drowning. In fact, a large proportion of lifeguard activity happens outside the flags. Highly skilled lifeguards respond to a range of in-water and land-based incidents, where they utilise water-rescue, advanced first aid, and incident management skills.

Thousands of Kiwi kids learn beach safety skills and are involved with Nipper and Junior Surf programmes for 5-13 year olds. Surf lifesaving competitions at inter-club, provincial, national, and international levels hone the skills and fitness of the lifeguards, create camaraderie, and empower young New Zealanders to excel.

Donate Now

Generous donations, community fundraising, business partnerships, corporate sponsorships, and philanthropic grants from individuals and organisations enable the Lifesavers Foundation to support surf lifesaving clubs and volunteers. The goal is to provide maintenance and replacement of essential rescue gear, training and upskilling for volunteers, increased community awareness, and funding for valuable water safety research and development.

Surf life saving is an essential emergency service that saves lives every year. To continue their invaluable work, surf lifesavers need your help.

Donate to the Lifesavers Foundation today, and help ensure that everyone who heads to the beach this summer comes home.

What can my donation provide

$115 One TIme

purchases a rescue tube, the lifeguard’s main tool on patrol

$250 One TIme

funds a pair of marine-grade binoculars

$300 One TIme

funds the cost of training a lifeguard over 2 days in advanced first aid

$350 One TIme

equips a lifeguard with PPE (personal protective equipment)

$500 One TIme

funds the daily operating cost of providing a fully equipped beach patrol

Where does my money go?

Your donation goes towards things like everyday operating expenses, rescue equipment maintenance and upgrades, volunteer training, club room upgrades … basically anything lifesaving-related that needs money, your donation helps to fund.

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